Finding Interesting Topics for Your Blog

What's Trending in Real Estate TodayAre you ever stuck for a blog post topic?  Do you find yourself often searching for something new and compelling to write about; something of value for your readers?  As a Realtor®, you want to share your expertise and set yourself above the rest.  Start by asking yourself,  “what’s trending in real estate today?”

I wrote a post over a year ago entitled, “It’s Tuesday.  Write a Blog Post“.  I also wrote a post about How to Have an Endless Supply of Blog Topics“. In the posts I talked about curating and repurposing your posts.  I also gave suggestions for finding topics to write about.  But, what if your readers are looking for something more meaty?  They might want information about what Gen X buyers are looking for, going green or a cautionary tale about the latest real estate scams.

Google is So Powerful – Go to and put “what’s trending in real estate today” in the search box.  A long list of sites show up.

You can curate information from the articles in any of the sites listed above.  You can also use their topic ideas to put your own spin on your posts.  Let your readers know what this means for them.

Click on “Videos” in Google and you’ll find “What’s Trending in Real Estate Today” videos from sites like Bloomberg, FinanceYahoo,  BizJournal and others.  These videos can be embedded in your posts for additional punch and to add validity to your point of view.

For those of you who have no problem deciding on topics, please let us know your method of choosing a blog topic.  What’s your secret?


What’s Trending in Real Estate Today?
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