Repurposing Blog Posts into Videos

One Blog Post - Endless Opportunities - Repurposing Your PostsWe’re all busy people with businesses to run; families to take care of.  Writing and promoting blog posts at least once a week provides invaluable web traffic, online exposure and search engine ranking.  Take advantage of your posts by repurposing your blog posts into videos.  It’s a lot easier than you think.


6 Easy Steps to Repurposing Your Blog Posts into Videos


Check Your Google Analytics – Go to your Google Analytics account and see what posts are getting the most traffic.  Heavy traffic equals posts that your readers are interested in.

Rename Your Post – You can use the same post title for your video; but renaming it will make it seem like it’s a different post.

Consider the Length – If you have created a post called, “10 Things You Need to Know About ___“, choose the most important things in your list.  Add them to your video.  Ideally, unless you’re creating a tutorial, your videos need to be short and sweet.  Otherwise, you run the risk of losing your viewers.  Create a separate video for the part of the post you left out of the original.

Video or Slideshow? – If you are someone who isn’t comfortable being in front of the camera, create a slideshow.  A PowerPoint slideshow can be converted into a video with audio of your voice.

Keep Their Attention – Whether you’re using video or a slideshow, add interesting visuals.  You have a lovely face but it’s usually not enough to keep your viewers’ attention.

Say Hello and Goodbye – Record a short introduction to your video as well as an exit.  Let people know who you are and why you created the video.  End with a call to action.

Video Marketing – Just like blog marketing is essential to online exposure and search engine ranking, you must market your videos, too.  Upload them to YouTube.  Optimize the title, description and tags with the appropriate keywords.  Add the video to your social media, newsletter and other promotional materials.  Go back and add the video to the original blog post.

Repurposing your blog posts into videos gives you endless opportunities to promote your expertise.  Be sure to pay attention to your videos’ analytics.  This will show you what your audience is most interested in and you can continue to build your audience.


One Blog Post – Endless Opportunities