5 Tips for Choosing and Marketing Digital Content

Bill Gates once said, “Content is king”.  Many Realtors® have said, “Creating content is a pain”.

Content marketing, also known as digital marketing, is the best way to get information to your clients.  It gains trust and demonstrates your expertise.

5 Tips for Choosing Effective Marketing Digital Content

Choose the most effective type of digital content and present it in an interesting manner. Here are five tips to get you started.

Top Ten Lists – Everyone appreciates a list of the “10 Most Common Mistakes When XYZ”.  They want to know the “10 Things You Want to Do When XYZ”, etc.  Itemize the solutions for their pain points.  People who are relocating to your area will be interested in the “Top 10 Places You Don’t Want to Miss in (your city)”.

“Secrets” – You’ve seen the “Secrets XYZ Doesn’t Want You to Know”.  These “secrets” help people feel you’re giving them some insider information.  For easy reading, format your secrets in bullet-format.  Make it easy for them to scan the information and easily find the secret they’re interested in.

Organization Tips – Create plans and calendars for getting organized.  Offer”Tips for Moving With Children”.  Create a schedule of things that need to be done prior to close.  Think of things that make it easier for your target market.  Create a packet and offer it as a lead generator.

Answer Burning Questions – Think about the questions you’re asked on a daily basis.  Jot them down and provide your expert answers.  It helps people feel that you understand and care about them.

Reports – Offer reports on the latest trends in your market.  Keep them informed about changes and updates in your company and the industry at large.  Monthly, quarterly and annual real estate reports are good, too.

Marketing digital content is all about providing your clients with useful information.  Responding to them in a resourceful way shows that you understand their needs.  Be “THE” person they think of when they have questions or need your services.

Writing and marketing digital content is time-consuming.  This is especially true when old content needs to be updated and refreshed.   NAR and other real estate-related companies offer great content for Realtors®.  Be careful about copyright infringement laws.  Be certain you have permission to use someone else’s content as your own.

When you find yourself out of time, don’t put your digital marketing on the back burner.  Hire someone to write and promote your digital content for you.  Or, sign up for my “Simple Strategies for Increasing Engagement with Your List of Subscribers” email series.

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5 Tips for Choosing and Marketing Digital Content