How to Use Facebook to Market Your Business

Use Facebook to Market Your BusinessIt’s not enough to set up your Facebook business page and hope people will see it and respond.  You need to know how to use Facebook to market your business.  That means getting your marketing message in front of your target market.

According to DMR Stats/Gadgets post, Facebook has 1.591 billion users each month.  Of those, 1.038 billion people are actively using Facebook each day.  Try implementing the following tips to get positive results from your Facebook marketing efforts.


  • Your Facebook Business Page – If you don’t already have a business page, do it now.  It’s a very simple and intuitive process.  You can always add a tweak here and there after it’s set up.

Create brand awareness by adding an appropriate cover photo and logo.

Create a Call to Action button or arrow on the cover area of your page.  Link it to an ad or freebie on your website or landing page.  This will help build your fan base.

Create a keyword-rich business description.  Facebook gives you a space for short and long descriptions of your business.

Add your address, phone, email and website address to your page information.  This will help drive visitors to your website and encourage them to contact you.


  • Promoting Your Facebook Page – There are several ways to get people to your  page.

Ask people on your personal  profile to like your business page.

Find and connect with Facebook Groups in your target market area.  This will increase your business exposure and give you an opportunity to share your expertise.  You can also start your own targeted group.

Post to your business page at least once a day and respond to comments.  Use a social media hub like HootSuite to create automatic posts.

Your business page provides a great opportunity to promote property listings, open houses and other advertising.  However, it’s also a great tool for building relationships.  Give your prospective clients more informative and entertaining posts than business posts.

Go through the settings portion of your business page.  Make sure it’s set up to allow people to share your posts and post to your page.


When you know how to use Facebook to market your business, you will be able to grow your brand awareness and increase your online exposure to your target audience.

Use Facebook to Market Your Business
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