Google Marketing Tools You Can Use for Business

The marketing tools being offered by Google have been extensively used by marketers and media planners. The tools are ideal for online marketing activities. Any marketer, media planner or webmaster who is involved in promoting their websites or products on the Internet can find many benefits from these Google marketing tools.

Listed below are the important Google marketing tools.

Google Analytics: This tool is considered to be one of the premier tools of marketing. The function of Google Analytics is to give you a quick glimpse of your website by evaluating traffic, sources and evaluates what activities your visitors perform while on your site.

Google Sitemaps – Webmasters insert the newly designed pages to their websites through the Google Search Index function. The pages are in the XML format that is instantly uploaded to the website and eventually to Google.

Google Alerts – The role of Google Alerts is to inform you about the listing of your website or reveals your name by either person or site. You benefit by monitoring all your activities that are being performed on the internet.

According to Google, you can get emails when new results for a topic show up in Google Search. For example, you can get info about news, products, or mentions of your name.

Google Pay – “It enables quicker, safer checkout in apps and websites and makes it easy for customers to pay contactless with their phones. With a simple integration, you can access hundreds of millions of cards saved to Google Accounts and open up your business for more business. Plus, it’s free for you and your customers”.

Google Workspace – This is a paid subscription service with 4 different plans. You get a custom email for your business along with collaboration tools like Gmail, Calendar, Meet, Chat, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, Sites, and more.

Google is an awesome place to find the right tools for your business. Many are invaluable and free. Use any of the five Google Tools listed above or do a search to find marketing tools best suited for your individual needs.

Google Marketing Tools You Can Use for Business