Seeing the Forest in Spite of the Trees

We’ve all heard the saying, “You can’t see the forest for the trees“. Sometimes a goal seems elusive because we don’t see a way to reach it. We know the results we want, but don’t always know how to get there.

As I attended an Active Rain University webinar on March 8th hosted by Bob Stewart, the thought came to me that there’s a clear path to seeing the forest in spite of the trees. The webinar entitled, “Start from Scratch: Build a Marketing Plan from the Ground Up” provided the perfect solution for reaching your real estate goals. Have systems in place that work together to help you achieve the real estate goals you’ve set for yourself.

I always try to attend real estate related webinars. You never know what golden nuggets you’re going to learn. Your success is not always dependent upon your purse size. Often real estate goals can be reached with free solutions from companies catering to the real estate profession. Using a free trial is also a good way to see if the product will fit into your marketing plan.

Take a look at the products you’re currently using. Does that company have a downloadable freebie that you can offer your visitors and prospects? MailChimp is a free service for customized drip campaigns and newsletters. House Logic provides free real estate related content for emails, social media, website and blog. Doing a Google search will provide you with a number of choices.

Write down your real estate goals and then find the solutions that will help you achieve them. Active Rain University is one of the best tools offered to Realtors®. You can visit to view upcoming events. I highly recommend them.

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Seeing the Forest in Spite of the Trees