Great Website Traffic is Free and Easy With the Right Keywords

To get great website traffic, many people will pay big bucks to Google, social media sites and other online resources.  This will all work; but the truth is that getting free traffic to your website is much easier than you might think.  Success can come down to something as simple as using accurate keywords.


  • Choose relevant keywords that best describe your content.  For example, this post is all about website traffic.  Choosing “website traffic” as one of my keywords tells search engines what my post is about.  In turn, Google will give my post better placement.


  • Restate Your Keywords – Your keywords should be used several times throughout your post or page.  However, don’t stuff or overuse your post or page with your keywords thinking it will give you better website traffic. Google will see right through you and give you a thumbs down.  It should always sound like a natural conversation.


  • If  You Have WordPress – Self-hosted WordPress is my all time favorite platform. They have tons of useful plugins that help with website traffic.  My favorite is Yoast SEO.  It tutors and analyzes your content during the optimization process, helping you to get the best title, focus keyword, meta words and description for website traffic (search engine optimization).  You will get a red, yellow or green light depending upon how well your post or page is optimized.  When you get a green light, you know it’s highly optimized.

Website Traffic is Free and Easy by Using the Right Keywords

Great Website Traffic is Free and Easy to Get
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