Video marketing success is not hard to achieve when you know a few facts. Find out what to include in your video, how to keep them engaging, and the different kinds of videos to create.

What to Include:

  • Attention-Grabbing Intro – Build your brand-recognition by starting your videos with a great intro.
  • High-Quality Images – As visual learners, most people learn more and are captivated longer by images.
  • Recommendations – When you find a great product that you think your viewers will like, add a recommendation.
  • Call to Action – Be sure to include a CTA at the end of your videos. Include a link to a corresponding landing page, web page, or any other resource you want them to visit.

Engaging Videos

  • Start with a Specific Topic – Get a clear picture in your mind of what you’re going to talk about. This keeps you on track and will be more engaging your audience.
  • Jot Down Talking Points – Consider 3 or 4 talking points you want to make during your video. Stick to your script.
  • Tackle the Highlights First – State your most important points first. Your viewers will know right away whether they want to continue to watch. They will also see your best points first.
  • Choose Your Time – Consistency is key to a successful video channel. Choose a specific time to add or update your videos and stick to it.
  • Not So Fast – The pace and pitch of your voice are important. Speak in a normal tone at a conversational pace.

Types of Traffic-Driving Videos

  • Sneak Peek – These teaser-type videos can be about anything from blog promos to Coming Soon listings.
  • Tutorials – Teach your viewers something specific. At the end of the video, provide a link to a corresponding blog post, sign-up form, landing page or webpage.
  • Make a List – Create a video that gives lists for a particular topic. Give your viewers a link that goes to a corresponding post, page or video with corresponding information.
  • Hacks – Provide tips that simplify your viewers’ lives. For example, “My #1 Hack for Cleaning Your Oven”.

Video marketing complements your email marketing efforts. It encourages likes and shares as well as clicks to your website. Search engines love them, too!

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