How to Create Great Videos the Introvert Way

7 Ways to Create Great Videos Even if You’re Extrovert-Challenged

People fit into two categories.

1.)  Extroverts – These people are outgoing, sociable, and the life of the party.

2.)  Introverts – These people are shyer and more reserved.

If you’re an extrovert, you won’t have any trouble getting in front of the camera to shoot a video.  Introverts find the idea of creating a video with them as the “star” a bit intimidating.  So, how do you create videos if you’re someone who’s camera-shy?

How to Create Videos

Find a Spokesperson.  If you’re too shy, hire a spokesperson.  I found a couple of online sites that can help you with this; Your Video Spokesperson and Website Talking Heads.  They are pricey.  You may possibly know someone who can do a good job as your spokesperson.

Narrate – Just like a spokesperson, you can hire a narrator.  They will read your script.  You will then add them into your video.

Voice Over – Create your video and then narrate each slide.  You won’t have to be on camera but your audience will still hear your voice.

Explainer Videos – These videos are short and to the point.  They explain a particular process or idea.  Biteable has a free service but it’s limited.  Adobe Spark is another free option.

Be a Story Teller – Write your story and set it to images, animation, text, and video clips.  PowerPoint slides can be formatted into video including your voice over.  Use great photography to get your story across to your audience.

Screen Share – Invite an expert to share a screen with you to talk about a particular subject and record it. A word of caution…always keep your audience in mind.  We’ve all attended webinars where the participants were so busy talking to each other that they made their audience feel forgotten.

Offer a Prize – Host a contest and invite your audience to submit a video. Give them a subject and let them do all the work.  Whoever gets the most likes wins a prize.  Make sure you have them sign a release so you can use their videos for your marketing.

If you’re an introvert who’s too camera-shy for videos, you can still take advantage of video marketing options.  With about 5 billion people watching (and sharing) videos on YouTube every day, you will definitely want to put at least one of these tips into practice in your business.

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7 Ways to Create Great Videos Even if You’re Extrovert-Challenged