Create a Facebook Checklist and Send More Traffic to Your Website

A Facebook checklist will help you get the most from your posts by driving traffic to your website and gaining your readers’ trust.

Get Valuable Link Clicks

  • Keep it Short – Short posts are more likely to be read than long ones. Long posts tend to get fewer link clicks.
  • Hashtags – Facebook users aren’t as likely to search for your content using hashtags as they are with other social networks. Save your characters for the important things you have to say.
  • Use Short Links – When adding a link to your posts, use a link shortener such as This helps keep your posts shorter and more likely to be read.

Creating Engaging Images to Boost Traffic

  • Boring Images – Use attention-getting images in your Facebook posts. There are many free (and stunning) photos available online. Use a site like Pixabay, Pikwizard, and Unsplash for gorgeous photos and other images. Read their terms of use prior to use.
  • Use Large Photos – Larger photos look better than smaller ones. Viewers who are accessing your post via their mobile devices with HD screens will be more impressed with larger photos.
  • Sharing is Caring – Ask your readers to share your images and to respond to your post using a GIF. Or, you can ask them to respond with one word or phrase. This engagement means more people will see and respond to your post.
  • Let Them Choose – Post an image that showcases two alternatives. Ask them to choose which one they prefer. This elicits a response from them and anyone else they share it with. This example is regarding kitchen islands. You can use any number of photos for your readers to make a choice from.

Hosting a Facebook Event

  • Start with Your Website – Create an event page on your website. Use that page link in your Facebook event post.
  • Share Updates – Schedule event updates leading up to your event date. This will keep people interested while driving traffic to your website’s event page.
  • Make Your Invitation Pop – Create a digital invitation using a free service such as Canva. Upload it to your Facebook event and add details and your website’s event URL.

Be Part of a Group or Create One

  • Join groups related to your niche and target market or create your own.
  • Answer questions and provide useful feedback.
  • Ask the group host if it’s okay to add your website link to your posts that would add more information to the conversation.
  • If you’ve created a whole new website or specific page, provide the link and ask for critiques. This can create some real conversation.
  • Whether it’s your group or one you belong to, always be respectful of the rules.
  • Provide positive feedback from the group.

Use this Facebook checklist to drive your followers to your website. You’ll find that you’ll have more engagement and website traffic.

Create a Facebook Checklist