How to Drive Viewers to Your Website Using the YouTube Cards Feature

YouTube Cards 

Have you added the YouTube Cards feature to your videos yet?  It’s similar to the annotations feature, yet less obtrusive on mobile devices.  Most people access YouTube on their mobile devices, so it’s definitely something to consider.

No Scope Glasses wrote an article about the difference between YouTube cards and annotations.  In it they said,

The biggest difference between the two is presentation. Cards look significantly cleaner on both mobile and desktop devices, and have a smooth slide-in / slide-out action at the designated time stamp in videos. When a user clicks the card ‘i’ icon, they see all cards for the video listed in a right-side overlay. For mobile users, cards are displayed below the video and are instantly accessible. This makes them “clickable,” which is a good thing.

YouTube cards can be used in a variety ways; channel cards, donations, fan funding, links, polls and video playlists.  The cards most commonly used are the link cards.  Link cards provide a link directly to your website from the video.   Use the website associated with your YouTube account.

How to Set Up Your YouTube Cards Link Feature

Log into your YouTube account and click on your Video Manager link.  Choose the video you want to add the link card to and click on the “edit” button.

How to Add YouTube Cards to Your Videos

After clicking the “cards” tab, you will be directed to the set-up page.

How to Add YouTube Link Cards to Your Videos

Click the “create” button next to the type of card you want to create.  In my example, I created a link card directing people to my website.  You will be able to add your URL, call to action and teaser text.  Add a photo, graphic or logo and click the save button.  Move the blue bar under your video to the place you want your link card to start.

Once you’ve completed and saved the information, go to the video to see how your viewers will see it.

How to Set Up You Tube Link Cards

The red arrow above shows what your viewers will initially see.

How to Use YouTube Link Card

The red arrow above shows what your click card looks like when your new tab is created.  It contains your clickable link.

I encourage you to explore how you can use YouTube cards to enhance your videos and drive traffic to your site or landing page.  Use this method to create a better experience for your mobile users.

How to Use YouTube Cards to Drive People to Your Website
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