You, a Vlog, and YouTube

Thinking About Starting a Vlog?

YouTube videos garner around 4 billion page views a day. People turn to YouTube for all kinds of information. Creating a Vlog (video blog) on YouTube is a great way to showcase your talent, expertise, and products to the world.

Getting Started with Your Vlog

To make the right impact from the start, you’ll need to do some planning.

  • What Will Your Vlog Be About? – Decide what special skills you have that will be helpful to your viewers. What are you passionate about? Think about how you’re going to monetize your videos.
  • Using the Right Tools – Most smartphones today have an adequate camera to record videos. They offer the opportunity to be recorded on location. Investing in a good HD camera will provide the best quality videos. Although most cameras include a built-in microphone, a good quality external mic offers the sound.
    • Use a free editing program for your computer or use Window’s free Movie Maker or Mac’s iMovie program. Another alternative is CamStudio.
    • Purchase an editing program such as Camtasia. It will allow you to create tutorials and presentations via a screencast or Powerpoint on your computer
  • What’s Your Brand? – Decide what you’re going to call your Vlog. If you have already branded yourself, use that name. Otherwise, be creative and decide on a memorable name. This will become your YouTube channel name.
  • Set Up Your YouTube Channel – You’ll need a free Google account in order to set up your YouTube account. Create professional channel art that coincides with your brand. Canva and other programs offer free channel art templates.

There are many ways to create and grow a successful Vlog. Showcase your property listings, day in the life, relative news, fun contests, and whatever else your imagination can come up with. Have fun!

You, a Vlog, and YouTube
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