Does Video Marketing Cost A Lot?

Does video marketing have to cost you a lot of money?

One of the main reasons why your competitors probably don’t do video marketing is because of their fear of cost and probably not due to their inability to appreciate the power of video marketing.

The video marketing field brings a lot of value to the table but people have all sorts of misconceptions regarding the costs of video marketing. They can see the benefits with no problem. What they’re unclear on is whether the costs would justify the benefit.

Most video marketing attempts fail the first time.

What clouds this whole picture is the fact that when you try anything the first time around and you don’t have some sort of blueprint or plan your chances of failure are quite high.

Example: Maybe you’re trying to ride a bike. Maybe you’re trying to build a house or an addition. Maybe you’re trying to do a painting or you’re trying to sculpt. I am almost guaranteeing that your first few attempts are not going to be all that good. Why should video marketing be any different? When people just jump in with both feet because they get all excited about the benefits of video marketing, they might end up making mistakes. Why? They did not have proper guidance and that’s the good news here.

With the proper blueprint or coaching or video marketing consulting, you don’t have to commit those beginner mistakes. Your videos don’t have to look amateurish and basic. You can come up with something truly professional the first time around. It’s not uncommon for small businesses to get out of the gate with really high-quality videos that connect powerfully with their target audience members. This is not an issue of cost but more of information.

There are many ways to solve the video marketing problem.

One of the main reasons a lot of people have this idea that video marketing has to cost a lot of money is the misconception that they have to produce Hollywood or Madison Avenue-level videos. Wrong. In fact, in certain niches, audiences respond favorably to very amateurish or very basic videos. You just have to know your niche. More specifically, you just have to know how to segment and break up your niche into little sub-markets. Put simply, the better you know your audience the more powerful your video can be and has nothing to do with how polished or smooth it is. Instead it has everything to do with your video’s ability to communicate with your target audience members on a very human, personal, and emotional level.

There are many tools you can use.

Another piece of good news. You can drastically reduce your video production costs by understanding that there are many different levels of videos. At the top of this hierarchy, of course, are high-quality videos. These are very personal, these are professionally shot, and these are your meat and potatoes videos. These are the kind of videos that champion your brand, but the levels beneath this kind of video are not as quality intensive.

You can use the software to crank out a video for supplemental marketing. You can use software for video that is intended to supplement or support your text content. The relationship with these different video levels goes a long way in reducing your overall cost.

Keep the facts above in mind if you are still on the fence regarding video marketing. It doesn’t have to be expensive. It doesn’t have to cost a lot.

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Does Video Marketing Cost A Lot?