Social Media Evaluation – 6 Things You Need to Do Now

A social media evaluation is essential to your social media marketing success.  Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned social media marketer, there are six things essential to your success.

Do a social media evaluation of your accounts.  

Make a list of your current social media accounts.  Which ones are you currently active in? This will help you determine which accounts to keep using.


Who’s Your Target Market?

Make a list of the qualities and characteristics of your ideal market.  Know which social media channels they are likely to be part of.  Younger groups tend to be more active on Instagram than LinkedIn.


Is Your Profile Ready for Primetime?

Your social media profiles should be as complete as your resume`.  Use keywords and terms that resonate with your target market.


Brand Recognition

Whether you have one social media account or several ones, every platform needs brand continuity.  This builds confidence, recognition, and trust in your business.


Staying in Touch 

Consistent posting on social media takes time and planning.  If you’re using more than one social media account, consider using a social media management tool like HootSuite.  Post topics that resonate with your followers.


Be a Participant

Cultivating followers is the first step.  Engaging with them is essential to keeping them.  Share content you know will be of interest to them.  Like your followers’ content and make comments on their feeds.


Assess Your Success

Evaluate your social media accounts to see who is following you, where they are coming from, what they’re interested in, etc. This shows you what you’re doing successfully.  Build your social media plan on those successes.


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