Digital Content Marketing: 5 Ways to Build Your Brand

Marketing your business online can be confusing and stressful.  It can also lead to some very lucrative leads.  Being a small fish in a big pond is no longer the big challenge it once was.  It does, though, take more than creating ads and email blasts.  Start by developing and executing a highly-effective digital marketing plan.  The effort of putting in the hard work upfront will increase your chances of reaping big rewards in the end.


Increased Search Engine Visibility – Digital website content doesn’t always translate to more search traffic.  However, adding new pages and posts to your website on a regular basis means more content that Google will index.  Write about topics your target market is interested in.  Use long-tail keywords to describe your topics.  This increases your chances of appearing in searches that include your information.


Increased Domain Authority – Content is still king.  Higher domain authority affects your search engine ranking position.  AuthorityBlogStarterKit describes an authority site like this:

An authority site is a very high quality website that is respected by knowledgeable people in its industry. It is a website that has content on it that is so good and makes the site so useful that people are actually glad they landed on it and want to share it with their friends.

High-quality content increases how your information is perceived by search engines and visitors.


Potential Conversions – Create digital content that is informative, relevant and valuable to your target market.  When people read quality content, they don’t mind reading your “sales pitch”  and call to action at the end.  A compelling CTA will increase conversion rates.


Brand Recognition – Your digital content is helping to build your brand recognition. Your thoughtful and useful information gives your readers a positive impression of your services.  Adding your digital content to social media and other online sources shows that you are a leader in your industry and can be trusted.


Save Money on Marketing – The biggest cost for digital content marketing is your time.  Setting up and implementing a plan to promote your content online takes time and a lot of effort.  Be consistent and provide valuable information.  The time you spend will be well worth the effort.


Getting started is the first step.  Work on your digital content marketing strategy today.


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