6 Ways to Capture and Keep Contacts

There are several methods for getting people to sign up for your widget.  Here are some techniques you can use to capture and keep contacts.

6 ways to Capture and Keep Your Contacts

Mailings – Decide on a compelling title for your mailings.   Give your newsletter and other mailings attention-grabbing titles.  A “sign up for my newsletter” is boring and gives no reason why someone should sign up.  Your title should reflect your niche.

Forms – Once you’ve decided on the title of your newsletter or widget, write some descriptive text.  Tell them what you’re offering.  Let them know how it will help them.  They are exchanging their contact information for what you have to offer.  Make your offer stand out.

Not Convinced – Some people want to see examples of your widget before they sign up.  For instance, allow people to view past issues of your newsletter.  This gives them a sense of what they can expect in the future.  It encourages them to sign up.

Killer Copy – Simply creating a pop-up or fly-in sign-up form isn’t enough.  A person will always covet their name and email address.  It sometimes takes a detailed landing page to convince them.  A landing page gives you a keen opportunity to add details, graphics, a form, and killer copy.  Landing pages are sales pages and don’t include links.

Share With a Friend – What you’re offering may not be interesting to everyone.  It might, though, be just what a friend needs.  Encourage people to share your information with a friend.  “Tell a friend” and “Send this page to a friend” are good reminders for others to spread the word.  When you provide valuable content or a great widget, your subscribers will let others know about it.

Submit Your Articles –Writing and submitting articles to directories is a great way to gain a good reputation among your target market.  Ezine Articles is a website that accepts unpaid submissions from authors, in exchange for links to the authors’ websites and visibility for their work.  This is no place for sale pitches.  Your well-written articles help you build a reputation as a knowledgeable and trusted resource.  The author bio and links back to your website are invaluable.


Don’t worry about getting tons of subscribers to your list.  Quality over quantity.  Your valuable subscribers are the ones who will contact you when a need arises.

Be consistent and always give your best to your subscribers.




6 Ways to Capture and Keep Contacts