Simple Social Media Marketing in a Nutshell

An Easy Strategy to Start Getting the Social Media Results You’re Looking For

While many businesses thrive on social media, others still struggle to make it work for them.  A successful strategy starts with a plan.

Create Your Social Media Accounts

Facebook is the preferred method of promotion.  It’s highly effective with boosts and ads that are easily customized to your demographic.  Twitter is good for frequent and targeted posts.  LinkedIn is a professional network where self-promotion not as acceptable as other networks.  Members have relaxed on that a bit, though.  Pinterest, Slideshare (owned by LinkedIn), YouTube and others are great platforms for connecting and building relationships.


Your Impressive Page and Profile

More and more, prospective clients are looking you up on the Internet prior to contacting you.  They want to get a sense for expertise, values, qualifications and other information.  Make sure your profile is up to it.  Each social media platform has a profile section.  Fill it out completely with all of your impressive credentials.


Plan Your Posts 

Quantity is as important as quality.  Post often, at least once a day, with information that will be interesting and helpful to your followers.  There are social media hubs like HootSuite that you can use to schedule and post quality information on a regular basis.  Consistency is important.


Align with Experts and Your Target Market

Build your network of quality connections.  Invite and follow experts in your field.  Comment and share their content.  Don’t be afraid to connect with your competition.  Remember, their followers can become your followers, too.   Find your current and past clients and ask them to connect.


Start Connecting!

 Share, comment and be involved.  Create your sales funnel and promote it on your social media networks.  Direct your promotion to a quality landing page that compels your followers  to sign up for you offer.


Watch my tutorial for more social media lead generation tips?

Social Media Marketing in a Nutshell