4 Tips to Improve Social Media Traffic When You Don’t Have A Lot of Time

Using social media to drive traffic to your website is smart.  It’s free and levels the playing field.  It offers opportunities to build brand recognition as well as loyal followers.  In January 2018, I wrote a post called, “Website Traffic Builder: Social Media Checklist“.  In it, I provided 5 sure ways to connect with your social media followers and drive traffic to your website.

Getting social media traffic to your website takes time.  What happens when you don’t have a lot of time?  You start with these 4 time-saving tips.

We are Visual Creatures – We make decisions based a lot on what we see.  Obviously, the text is important but an engaging visual will capture more attention.  Statistics show that 85% of people will make a buying decision when they are able to see a photo or video of what you’re selling.  Imagine using only text to describe a real estate listing.  Next, imagine describing the listing using a video or slideshow.  If you have a cell phone, you have the ability to quickly shoot a video and upload it to social media.

Are You Posting to Instagram?  – As long as you’re creating a video or taking stills, why not post them on Instagram? You can save time by linking your Facebook and Instagram accounts.  A listing photo of the beautiful lake view or the chef’s kitchen with descriptive text will increase your audience’s engagement.

Is Your Content Easily Shareable? – Make sharing your content easy.  Include mobile-friendly share buttons on your social media posts. If you make sharing your content difficult, it won’t get shared at all.

Search Engine Optimization – Use SEO best practices to ensure online visibility and to increase social media traffic.  Pinterest is a great social media platform for driving traffic to your website.  Properly optimized and linked photos and videos are indexed by Google.  Read my post, “4 Tips for Crushing It On Pinterest“.

Google LOVES Pinterest, and is far more likely to give top rankings to a Pinterest board than a small website that doesn’t get much traffic or engagement. ~Kim Garst

Improving your content’s search engine optimization gets more social media traffic.  And, it’s a little time well-spent.

Use these 4 tips to improve your social media traffic.  It takes only a few minutes a day to get the results you’re looking for.

Increasing your social media traffic begins with you taking the time to manage the various social media platforms efficiently. Building your audience will take time, but these tips will help you see the positive effects of your social media traffic.


4 Tips to Improve Social Media Traffic When You Don’t Have A Lot of Time
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