Tumblr – A Powerful Blogging Platform You Have Probably Overlooked

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest are by far the most used social media networks on the planet.  More than likely, you’re active on at least one of them.  Each social media platform offers its own set of value.  Post photos, text, videos and chat.  Tumblr offers all of that and more in a microblogging format.

What is microblogging?  It’s short posts or mini blogs.  They’re designed to post a small amount of text that includes other types of media.  Actually, you don’t even have to write text.

Tell the story in photos uploaded from your electronic device or from the web.  Upload a selfie!  Take a video of a new listing or community event.  Automatically post from YouTube, Twitter or Facebook.  Tumblr was built for mobile devices.

Tumblr was launched in 1997 and currently has over 550 million monthly users and  280.4  blogs.  Here’s some other valuable stats:

  • Daily sign-ups – 120,000
  • 60% of Millennials use Tumblr
  • 42% of the traffic comes from the USA
  • Owned by Yahoo!

Take a look at your target marketing.  If they fit into the demographics listed above, Tumblr is a good marketing fit for you.

One of the fun things about this microblogging tool is its versatile posting options; text, a photo, quotes, a link, chat, audio or video.  My favorite feature is the URL option.  This provides yet another way to promote my website pages and posts.  The URL automatically pulls some teaser text.  You add a keyword-rich description and hashtag.

Tumblr – A Powerful Blogging Platform You’ve Probably Overlooked

Create several posts at one time and set them up on a scheduled posting date.  Posts can also be saved as a draft, previewed and posted privately.

Choose the methods you like best and create a unique message about your products and services in a unique way.  Interact and build relationships with people in your target market.  Drive people to your website, blog and sales funnel.  Go to Tumblr to set up an account now.

If you want to learn more about Tumblr at your own pace, register for my free, “How to Use Tumblr to Market Your Business” email tutorial series.

Tumblr – A Powerful Blogging Platform You’ve Probably Overlooked
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