Guest Blogging: The Who, What, and Why of It

Looking to increase traffic to your site? Guest blogging is something you will want to think about. Being a guest blogger helps you reach an already established audience within your niche. You will gain business exposure faster and more effectively than only publishing content on your own site.

What are the Advantages of Guest Blogging?

  • You are building a good relationship with other bloggers in your niche.
  • It allows you to be linked with other bloggers in a more profound way.
  • Your content will get more business exposure and may be shared with more people in your niche.
  • Your post will get more exposure and more qualified traffic to your blog.

How Do I Find Blogs to Write For?

  • Google Blog Search was created to help you find a relevant blog in your market.
  • Visit websites in your niche and see if they are accepting guest bloggers.
  • Build relationships with other bloggers in your niche.

How Do I Select the Best Blogs?


  • Choose blogs with a lot of traffic.
  • Check their social media for activity.
  • Make sure you will be creating a mutually-beneficial relationship.


  • Check out audience participation.
  • Make sure the audience is engaged and making comments.

Frequency of Exposure

  • Some blogs publish content several times a day.
  • Multiple authors on a blog may result in less exposure.
  • The best blog content is published the most frequently.

Selecting Your Niche

  • Publish to blogs either in your niche or related to it.
  • Be specific about which blogs you partner with.

Collaborating With Other Writers

  • Poor writer? Short on time? Hire someone to write your posts.
  • Invite other professionals in your niche to be guest bloggers.
  • Guest bloggers provide a fresh style and voice to your blog.
  • A variety of guest bloggers can help bolster more interest in your blog.

For more business exposure consider being a guest blogger. To add variety and continuity to your blog, consider inviting guest writers to post on your blog.

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Guest Blogging: The Who, What, and Why of It
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