Why is Podcasting Popular?

Podcasting - Popularity and Success

Podcasting has been around for quite a while. Today the number of people consuming podcasts has grown tremendously. And there’s a good reason for it. Learn why podcasting may be the best option for growing your brand!

Builds Trust Quickly – Podcasts create a feeling of intimacy. People are actually listening to a real person! Listening to podcasts help people feel like they are getting to know you.

Allows Your Audience to Multitask – People listen to podcasts while driving or commuting to work, doing laundry, or working out at the gym. They don’t even need to be connected to the Internet. They can simply download your episodes in advance, and listen to them whenever they like!

People Get to Know You – Your personality easily shows through on your podcast. Forcing cheerfulness into your voice is going to be heard. If you haven’t built a rapport with your podcast guests or even your co-hosts, people are going to feel it. Act as naturally as possible and let your personality shine through. People need to know you’re genuine.

Repurpose Your Podcast Content – Use a voice typing tool to transcribe your episodes. You can also hire a transcriptionist to do the job for you. Hire graphic designers to turn your content into graphics. You can even create a YouTube channel for your podcast recordings.

Podcasts are Easy to ConsumePeople can listen to you whenever and wherever they like. They don’t need to stare at a computer or mobile phone screen. They can simply go about their day while learning lots of new things from you!

Easy to Create and Market – Podcasts need to be organized and planned in advance. However, these are relatively easy to create.

Grow Your Network Faster – Get people to be a guest on your show. They don’t need to write any lengthy articles. They can simply answer your questions.

How Can You Launch a Successful Podcast?

Some podcasts manage to ‘wow’ their audiences while most end up not getting any attention at all. How exactly do you launch a successful podcast?

Choose the Right Niche – It’s your podcast. You’re certainly free to talk about anything you like. However, if you want your podcast to be successful, and you want the right people tuning in, you need to settle on a niche. People trust experts. If your podcast deals with everything under the sun, you’re not really positioning yourself as an expert. To make the most of your podcast, pick a niche you’re an expert in.

Prepare an Outline of Your Episodes – Use a content calendar to organize your podcast episodes. Plan out what your episodes are going to cover so your audience knows what to expect.

Have Visually Attractive Artwork and a Catchy Intro for Your Podcast – This sounds like a minor thing. However, people who aren’t already following you are going to judge you based on how your podcast artwork looks like, your podcast show title, your description, etc. Your intro also matters. Make it short and sweet and ensure it lets people know what your show is all about.

Record and Upload a Few Episodes – Before you launch your podcast, have a few episodes under your belt. People often binge-listen to new podcasts, so make sure you have content that will keep them busy for a few hours.

Submit to Podcast Directories – It’s highly recommended you upload your podcast to a dedicated podcast hosting service. Most of these companies offer benefits that website hosting services just can’t match. One of those benefits is they make it easy for you to submit your show to the top podcast directories.

Promote Your Podcast Everywhere – Your podcast is up and just waiting for people to start tuning in. Promote your podcast on your blog, email your subscribers, post about it on your social media channels. Consider paid ads as well.

Consider the time it will take to create, edit, and promote your podcast. Is it your best use of time and talent? Use the information provided to make the best decision for your business.

Podcasting: Popularity and Success