How to Use Your Personal Facebook Profile to Market Your Business Without Losing Friends

Facebook provides several opportunities to market your business.  You already know you can use your Facebook page; but did you know that your personal Facebook profile offers some pretty great marketing opportunities of its own?  It’s a great place to take your personal relationships to the next level.

  • How Well Do Your “Friends” Know You? – As of today, I have 949 friends on Facebook.  I took a quick look at my friends list and, at first glance, actually know a lot of them.  I wonder, though, how many of them really know me.  It can be a little tricky; but you can add some subtle business information in your personal posts.  Try adding some business-related information to you posts and spread them out over time.
  • What to do When They Interact With You – When one of your friends shares one of your business posts and, in turn, one of their friends likes or comments on it, send them a friend request.  When they accept, your posts will then be seen by their friends.  Make sure your Facebook settings allow people to follow you.
  • Public or Private? – Facebook gives you a number of settings to control what can be seen on your account as well as who can see it.  Make sure your posts are set to be seen by the public.  Here’s an easy way to do that.

Facebook Profile Privacy Settings

  • Tell Them Where to Go – When creating a Facebook post that is business-related, include a shortened URL that goes directly to the post or page relative to your post. There are some great link shortening tools.  Just remember to keep your business posts to a minimum and not in an obtrusive way.
  • Call to Action – When you’ve developed a relationship with your Facebook friends, ask them to like your business page.  Give them the link to sign up for your newsletter or other freebie.
  • A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words – A post that includes a photo gets more responses than text alone.  One way to promote your business on your Facebook profile is to post business-related photos.  When you participate in a community or business event, post a photo.  Accepting an award is also a good image booster and attention-getter.   Mention any recent accomplishments; graduation, professional awards, etc.

Keep your focus on your Facebook business page.  However, don’t miss the opportunity to bring personal Facebook profile contacts over to your business page by using these tips.

Do People on Facebook Really Like You?
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