Email Marketing Path to Successful Sales

We’ve all heard it…The money is in the list“.

Why is this true? People buy based on trust. It’s an essential part of any transaction. One of the best ways to earn trust is through email.

When people sign up to your mailing list, they trust you enough to hear what you have to offer. They may not contact you right away but at least they have some degree of faith in what you have to say.

Sending your contacts regular updates helps them feel more confident in you. They see that you know what you’re talking about. This level of credibility increases as they keep getting your emails.

Like…Know…Trust – Only Then is Conversion Possible

  • LIKE…People need to like you enough to keep listening to you.
  • KNOW…People must feel that you know the solution to their problems.
  • TRUST…People need to think that you know enough about them and their problems that they can trust your recommendations.

One of the great things about email marketing is that you work with people regardless of their timeline. Some people need to receive one email and they are convinced. Other people take a lot more time. They may not quite be at the point of needing your services. When they’re ready, though, they’ll know who to call.

Email Marketing Automation

Email marketing takes a consistent connection. That’s where email automation comes in. Set up your system to send out pre-scheduled emails. Schedule them weekly, monthly or on a special time schedule. Once you’ve done this, a lot of the future work is done automatically.

Email marketing is a process. Build a profitable list, create consistent emails that keep your contacts informed and interested. Help them learn that you are the right person to contact when they’re ready for your services.

Email Marketing: A Path to Successful Sales