How to Get the Most from Your Blog Posts

Writing a great blog post includes knowing what is most interesting to your readers. This knowledge comes from providing them with interesting content and by watching your digital statistics. Clicks and shares are a signal that you’ve given your readers what they are looking for.

Take a Look at Your Current Blog Post

Clicked and shared blog posts are a gold mine for continued readership and promotion. Research and writing blog posts take time. It precludes some people from ever getting started. Here are some ways you can get the most from your blog posts.


Take a good look at your best-performing posts. Break them down into questions that you have either been asked or think your target market would ask. Post these questions to social media. Include hashtags. Social media automation tools are helpful in scheduling your questions on different days or times. Use a different graphic for each social media post or use the same one.

Slideshow or Video

Use PowerPoint to turn your posts into slideshows. Share these PowerPoint presentations on Slideshare which is owned by LinkedIn. Use your computer program or an online service to create a video from your slideshows. Share your videos on your YouTube channel.

Infographics are Fun

An infographic is a visual image designed to present information in a chart or diagram form. It truly can be worth a thousand words. Canva is a great tool for creating infographics.

Turn your blog topic into an infographic. Alternatively, look through the issues you raised in your blog post and turn them into infographics.

Focus on the most important points of your post and convert them into pictures. Once your infographic is created, share it on your Pinterest account.

Make it POP!

Every blog post needs a catchy header picture. Link your post to Facebook so an enticing preview will show up. Speaking of Facebook… you can use it to share your links, videos, infographics, audio files and more. Don’t forget Instagram!

Spend Less Time Creating and More Time Promoting

Unlock the power of re-purposed content. Spend less time creating content and more time promoting. Repurpose your great content into formats that can be shared across many channels.

Build a successful mailing list and create a solid brand on social media. Create powerful content in different formats and share on many different social media platforms.

Getting the Most from Your Blog Posts