Avoid these five email marketing no-nos. - Absolutely don't do these 5 things.

Email marketing is the art of making money from your email list. As long as you have a list of responsive prospects of customers who recognize you as an expert in your niche, they will definitely be up for offers of value that you provide for them.

How does successful email marketing work?

If you have a website and you draw in some traffic, people will come, absorb some information and go away. However, if you managed to capture their emails, you can email them again and again – offering them nuggets of useful information or giving them offers that they might be interested in.

Here are 5 of the common email marketing no-nos done by email marketers:

  • Blatant pitching in hopes that they make a sale – Although email marketing is a lot about numbers, blatant pitching can make even a list of thousands turn into dust as they either spam list you or become unresponsive to your offers.
  • Focusing too much on quantity instead of quality – While the list size is important, the real money is in the relationship you have with your list. Focus on making a genuine connection with your subscribers If you want them to contribute to your bottom line, focus on making a genuine connection with your subscribers.
  • Using spammy-looking links – You should always use a free link shortener like https://bit.ly.
  • Using “taboo” words that increase the spam score of your emails – You should avoid words that come off as spam by the spam blockers such as FREE, ‘SALE”, BEST PRICE, BIG BUCKS, ADDITIONAL INCOME, etc.
  • Avoid using full capitals in any part of your email, whether it’s in your headline, copy or call to action. This increases spam score and sounds too salesy which lowers conversions. Treat your list with respect.

Good email marketing practices must be employed if you wish to build a responsive list that listens to you. Avoid these five email marketing no-nos.

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Email Marketing No-Nos