How to Leverage Your Email Marketing Efforts

Email Marketing Checklist – If you have an email list, leverage it to send traffic back to your blog. It only takes a few minutes to send a quick newsletter to your subscribers. Get started with these simple tips.

Send Your Subscribers to Your Blog

  • Use an intriguing subject line. Make it engaging or intriguing. Let your subscriber’s curiosity make them open your message. The more “opens” you have, the more likely you are to drive traffic to your blog.
  • Greet your subscribers by name. Personalized messages make the recipients more likely to feel your message is just for them.
  • Use formatting. Formatting options such as bold text, bullet points, and divided sections make your emails stand out.
  • Include an image. Using images helps your readers visualize your content. Link your image to your blog.
  • Add your signature. Include a link back to your site so subscribers can click through to your blog.

Email Features that Can Boost Traffic

  • Use buttons. Try using buttons instead of links for your Call to Actions. A button is more eye-catching and more likely to be clicked.
  • Use headlines. Headlines help your subscribers scan your messages for the information they’re interested in. These are especially helpful with you are covering multiple topics.
  • Add videos to your email. If your email provider doesn’t include this service, create a screenshot graphic, add it to your email, and link it to your video. Seeing a clip of you at the beginning of your email raises your readers’ curiosity. They are more likely to finish reading your email.
  • Link your logo to your blog. Many web users click on a logo expecting to be taken to a website or blog. Take advantage of this habit by adding a logo to your message with a link back to your site.
  • Hide an “Easter Egg” in your email. Include a special emoticon such as a smiley face in your messages. Encourage your subscribers to find and click on the Easter egg to get a small bonus item. When they click, they should be taken to your blog where they can download their special prize.

Direct Traffic to Your Blog

  • Host a contest. This takes more work and you need to familiarize yourself with how to run one.
  • Create a quiz inside of a blog post. Then email your contacts and ask what their results are. Be sure your quiz applies to your niche.
  • Add a printable checklist. Include a link on your blog post that directs your readers to a downloadable checklist. Encourage them to download it “before it’s gone”.
  • Create special coupons. Include a coupon code in a blog post. Let your readers know it’s on your blog. They are more likely to click through and read your post.
  • Generate PDF worksheets. Create a simple worksheet and save it as a PDF file. Let your subscribers know they can find and download it.

Get the most from your email marketing efforts by using this checklist to maximize traffic to your blog.

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