Email Marketing

Remember the old days when you’d put a list together, create and print a marketing piece, add postage and labels and wait? It was an exhausting process. It was also expensive.

That kind of marketing has its place. However, today’s email marketing is so much faster and cheaper. The trick is to know the email marketing do’s and don’ts.

Please Do

  • Define the purpose of every campaign
  • Determine the action you want the contact to take after clicking the link(s) in your email.
  • Plan your marketing goals and strategies
  • Design the components of your email (text, links, CTA’s, etc.) to make it easier for your contact to respond.
  • Segment your lists by dividing your contacts into categories. This will drive more conversions and better relationships. The contact will feel that you know them and are providing information relative to their needs.

Please Don’t

  • Don’t waste your hard-earned cash on buying email lists. You could run the risk of violating general data protection laws such as the CAN-SPAM Act. Those lists often have outdated information that can affect your deliverability rate. You could also be jeopardizing your reputation.
  • Don’t send unbranded or custom email addresses. These are often caught by your Internet provider and will be sent directly to the SPAM file. Use email addresses that include a personal name instead of “info@” or “customerservices@”.

Use your email marketing efforts wisely. By putting these simple do’s and don’ts to work, you’ll find more success, develop better customer relationships, and prevent wasting your time.

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Email Marketing: Easy Do’s and Don’ts