5 Video Marketing Trends for 2019

Video has been a source for entertainment, marketing, and learning for several years. It’s become extremely popular in both live and prerecorded formats.

Live Video Format

Every Smartphone takes high-quality video giving you the opportunity to host your live video from just about anywhere.

YouTube Live and Facebook Live are increasingly popular with users and media. The purpose of live video is to build relationships. You can show yourself as a real person while giving an inside look into your business.  Live video also gives your target audience an opportunity to ask questions in the chat box. Live video lets you show your expertise by providing immediate answers to viewer questions and positions you as an authority in your field.

How-To Content

About 75% of what people search for on YouTube is how-to information. You can learn everything from auto repairs to how to play the guitar.  

How-to videos are a great way to market your products and services. Decide on a topic such as “The Escrow Process”.  Create your video using videos and animations or screen capture.

Screen Capture Videos

Screen capture videos give your viewer an opportunity to visually see what process you are teaching.  Showing the process “in action” is an ideal way to drive demand.  Making a PowerPoint presentation is a simple process to create and makes following along easy for your viewers.

Prerecorded Videos

There are countless marketing uses for prerecorded videos. If you’re camera-shy, public speaking and appearing on camera is nerve-wracking.  By prerecording the video, it takes away the apprehension. You’ll have the opportunity to edit out anything you don’t like. 

All you really need for a good prerecorded video is a good microphone and slides for your audience to follow along.  

Educational Videos

Online education is booming. There are now many popular education sites where you can offer to teach paying customers certain skills or give talks about various topics. Many of these sites prefer video content, so if you have a lot to teach, this could be a perfect opportunity to show what you know and make more money.

In all five of these video marketing trends for 2019, the most important thing you need is content.  Viewers will forgive an imperfect presentation as long as they learn from it.  The more often you create and promote videos, the smoother the process will become.

5 Video Marketing Trends for 2019