Digital Marketing Techniques: How to Increase Consumer Engagement


Digital marketing campaigns are a huge part of getting the attention of the right target audience.  The competition for your target audience is fierce.  Videos, images, blogs, audio and more saturate the Internet.  It’s easy to get into a rut when creating high-quality content.  Here are ten ways you can get out of your rut and create digital content that will engage your consumers.

 1.  Use your content to lead potential customers through your sales funnel.  Avoid rushing them directly to the sale

2.  Social ads will increase your digital marketing reach.  Add your content to your social media channels.  To get further exposure, boost your Facebook post to your targeted market.

3.  The best marketing should not feel like marketing to your audience.  Your audience should immediately see the value in your content without being “sold” on it.

4.  Guest blogging builds brand authority and traffic to your website.

5.  Create your digital marketing strategy in advance.

6.  Create a spreadsheet outlining your digital marketing plan.  List the social media channels you are going to use to promote your content.

7.  Use analytics to see what topics are of most interest to your audience.  Forget about subjects that aren’t getting much attention.  Focus on the content that brings more traffic and interaction.

8.  Your digital marketing techniques should include authenticity.  People are more likely to engage if they feel you are being authentic.

9.  Share your content on social media and other networks. Add social media share buttons to your posts.

10. Share evergreen content as much as possible. Sharing trending topics is fine.  However, trends tend to disappear.  Evergreen topics will be searched for a long time.

These ten digital marketing techniques will help build your audience engagement, search engine ranking, and trust in your brand.

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10 Digital Marketing Techniques: How to Increase Consumer Engagement