4 Ways To Decide Which Social Media Networks Are Best For Your Business


Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram are the most popular social networking tools for millions of online marketers.  They are an excellent way to gain exposure for your brand, drive traffic to your website, and build trust with prospective clients.  However, if you don’t know which social media networks your target market is on, you’re taking a shot in the dark that your market is being reached.


Here are 4 ways to decide which social media networks are best for you business:


What are Your Ultimate Goals?  Social media marketing takes a lot of time and effort.  The ultimate goal is to increase your bottom line.  What other goals do you want to achieve while getting to your end goal?  Brand recognition?  Authority?  Trust?  Knowing what your ultimate goals are will help you decide which network is best for you.

Who’s Your Target Audience? In order to make the most impact on your social media marketing efforts, you need to know who your target market is.  This will help you determine which networks they’re more likely to participate in.  People between the ages of 18 and 27 can be found on Pinterest and Instagram.  Twitter, Facebook, and Google + are used more by people ages 25 and above.  If you’re targeting seniors, Instagram and Pinterest are probably not your best choices.

What Does Your Target Audience Want? Invest your social media networking time connecting with your target audience by providing information they can relate to.  For instance, a younger audience will not be interested in senior living.  They will, however, be interested in relevant information on videos and Instagram.

What Do You Have Time For?  Starting and participating in conversations is essential for social media marketing success.  It’s better to participate in one network well than to be scattered among several networks that you don’t have time for.  Social media marketing is time-consuming.  If you’re limited on time, consider participating in only one network or outsource your social media marketing.

These four tips will help you choose the best social media channel and target audience for your business.  Choose the social media network that will help you achieve your business goals, build confidence and trust, and target people who will increase your bottom line.
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Social Media Networks: Are You Attending a Party of Strangers?