How and Where to Find Inspiration for Your Posts

How and Where to Find Inspiration for Your Posts

Consistently writing a weekly blog post presents a unique stress point for some writers.  We get writer’s block.  It’s important for us to write about topics that will inspire, teach, and motivate our audience.  What do you do when this happens?

Here’s what I do:

Check Analytics – Assuming you’re keeping track of your posts’ views and clicks, choose the most popular posts.  Find out what links your readers clicked within your post.  If your post includes a video, see how long they watched it or if they watched it at all.  Knowing this information helps you decide which topics and tactics are readily received by your audience.

Unsubscribes – It’s inevitable that some of your audience will, at one or another, unsubscribe from your blog.  It’s okay.  People’s circumstances change and they may no longer need the information you’re writing about.  If, however, you are getting consistent unsubscribers, it’s time to take a look at what you’re writing about.

Now that you know this:  

Repurpose Your Content – Take a look at popular posts you’ve written about the same subject.  See how you can reword, update or mash up several posts into one.  Don’t forget to check your reference links to make sure they still work.  New resources pop up all the time.  Make sure the information you repurpose is still relevant.

Check Out Feeds – There are several popular resources for finding articles.  Many of these resources are free with upgrades available.  Sites like Feedly, ScoopIt or even your competition provide the latest articles with valuable ideas.

Curate – Curating content is simply gathering information from articles relevant to your post’s subject.  Quote some of their article in your post.  Give the writer credit with a link back to the article you found the information in.  This provides filler for your post and adds value for your reader.

Try using these tips the next time you get writer’s block or need content ideas and inspiration.

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How and Where to Find Inspiration for Your Posts