Facebook Ads – Do They Work?

Do Facebook Ads Really Work?When it comes to Facebook ads, I have to admit that I’ve been skeptical.  I’ve wondered if people actually pay attention to those ads.  Do people really contact you based on an ad they see on Facebook?  No one is looking for a Realtor® on Facebook, right?

We tell our children to be careful about what they post on Facebook.  Future employers just might be checking them out to see what kind of people they truly are.  Home buyers and sellers could be doing the same thing.  They see your Facebook ad, click it and check out your qualifications.

Facebook ads offer a good opportunity to promote your services.  Some important forethought must be given to your ad prior to launch.  It could mean the difference between success and failure.


Creating a Successful Facebook Ad

  • Set a Goal – Know what you want to achieve with your ad.  Do you simply want to drive traffic to your website?  If that’s your goal, drill down further.  Decide how many visitors you want to capture and in what time frame. What specific result are you wanting to see once they’re on your site?  On Facebook, you can specify your demographics and determine your conversions and ROI.


  • Benefits Over Features – Decisions are often made through an emotional connection.  Talking about features over benefits in your ad garners far less clicks than when you state benefits.  Let people know you feel understand their pain and have their solution.  Pack a lot of punch into a few words.


  • Don’t Forget the CTA – You can have the greatest Facebook ad the world has ever seen.  If someone doesn’t know what to do next, it will still fail.  A prominently placed call to action will get far more ad clicks.  Equally as important is to make sure the link associated with the CTA is specific to your ad.


  • Choose Your Headline Carefully – Grab attention with your headline. The text and images you choose should garner interest in what your ad is about.  Chances are just using your name as the headline won’t attract much interest.  Booming Practice (no longer in practice) created an informative slideshow about creating powerful headlines.  Try using different headlines and graphics to measure which ad creates the most results.


  • Landing Page – Create an ad-specific landing page.  It should only include benefits and information relative to your ad.  Include your powerful lead capture form.  If you decide against a landing page, link your Facebook ad to a specific web page, not your website in general.  If people aren’t directed to what they’re looking for, they will leave.


There are a lot of factors that go into creating a successful Facebook ad campaign. Starting with this information will help you create a great Facebook ad.

Do Facebook Ads Really Work?
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