How to Drive Instagram Traffic to Your Website

Drive your Instagram traffic to your site, encourage action, and convert followers to customers by doing the following:

Link IGTV Posts – IGTV is an Instagram video app that lets you create and share videos for up to an hour. Many users prefer video posts. This app gives them a great experience. Drive traffic to external pages or your website by adding links to your IGTV posts. Add a CTA (call to action) on video descriptions or mention the link and ask viewers to click on it.

Keep your videos interactive and informative. It can be a tutorial or a contest. Make sure it is something your followers want to listen to so you can get more clicks.

Optimize Your Bio Link – Your bio link can drive lots of traffic to your site. It can be easily seen by anyone who views your profile. It’s also clickable. The link can direct your followers to any page on your site. The destination page can be updated as needed. Take users to your homepage, services page, or product launch page. Add a call-to-action on post captions to let people know what they’ll be directed to.

Use Direct Messaging – Ask your followers to DM (Direct Message) you if they have any questions about your service or business. Always check your inbox for new messages, respond to inquiries, and keep the conversation going. If you notice you receive the same question multiple times, create an Instagram story and provide an answer. This can lead to more engagement and is especially useful when you are out of post ideas. Don’t forget to add a call-to-action to your post.

You can also DM new followers, thank them for following you, and share a link to your site. Talk about what they’ll find or benefit from it.

Use Instagram Stories – Stories help you to connect with your followers. Keep your audience engaged and interested in your posts by sharing different types of content. Use live video, photos, or Gifs to grab their attention and inspire action. Add links to your stories and direct them to your website. You can also use stories to promote your site, blog, new product, upcoming events, or discounts. Briefly talk about it, add a CTA and encourage users to follow the shared link. This is a great way to grow traffic and help your audience to understand your brand better.

Another great option is to add a screenshot of testimonials from happy clients. Doing this will help you to attract more people to your site, prove your credibility, and convert followers to long-term clients.

Use Hashtags – People love, prefer, and follow hashtags. When you study and use relevant ones, you will easily grow your following and increase traffic to your site.

Include as many hashtags as you like on a single post but don’t overdo it. The best posts normally have 5 or 8 quality hashtags. Add a call-to-action to enable users to effortlessly navigate to your site.

These five tips for driving Instagram traffic to your website will give you a good start toward success.

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How to Drive Your Instagram Traffic to Your Website