Bring Your LinkedIn Profile to Life

Plans are nothing.  Planning is everything. ~Dwight D. Eisenhower

Tips to Bring Your LinkedIn Profile to Life Your LinkedIn profile is vitally important to building your online presence, providing social proof and attracting business.  To be done successfully, you must start with a plan.

Use these six tips to set your LinkedIn profile up for success.

  • Who’s You Ideal Audience?  LinkedIn success is predicated upon knowing who your audience is.  Only then can you know how to create a profile that will resonate with them.
  • Strut Your Stuff – Not in a bragging sort of way, of course.  Participate in groups.  Share your knowledge and expertise.  Attend live events and webinars and share what you’ve learned with your connections.
  • Be the Expert – Go to LinkedIn often and add an update.  Set your posts to “public” so everyone can see what you have posted.
  • Blog Shares – After writing a blog post, share it on your LinkedIn profile. If you’re very ambitious, write a separate post targeted to your ideal audience.  Add links that lead your readers to an appropriate web page or landing page on your site.
  • Join Your People – Look for groups that consist of your target audience.  Join only groups that you will have time to participate in.  Remember…social media is a contact sport.  Lurkers need not apply.  By participating in conversations, you are able to keep your name foremost in the group.
  • Update Often – To promote yourself without spamming, stay active.  Post an image or publish an update to your profile.  Promoting yourself on LinkedIn can be tricky.  Adding an update about “Maplegrove Gets New Neighbors“, is a great way to let people know you’ve sold their home without sounding spammy.

Bring your LinkedIn profile to life by staying engaged with your ideal audience and providing them with value.

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Does Your LinkedIn Profile Need Mouth to Mouth?
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