Do Facebook Business Pages and Facebook Profiles Mix?

Do Facebook Business Pages and Facebook Profiles Mix? 10 Simple Truths About Marketing Your Business Through Your Facebook Profile 10 Simple Truths About Marketing Your Business Through Your Facebook Profile

When you think of marketing your business on Facebook, you immediately think, “business page”.  You’ve been told not to mix business with your profile and vice versa.  It’s true that your business page should be dedicated to business-related topics.  After all, you may not want your business connections seeing what you or your friends did at their bachelor party in Las Vegas.

The truth is that your personal Facebook profile provides some great marketing opportunities.  Start there to build personal relationships that can be turned into business relationships the right way.


Here’s 10 things to start doing today:

Tell Your Friends – If people don’t know what you do for a living, they won’t know  to contact you when they need your services.  Add multiple business related posts to your Facebook profile.  Spread them out over a period of time.  The 80/20 rule is a good measure of how many business-related posts are acceptable. 80% personal posts/20% business posts.  Be creative.  Instead of saying, “I just sold a house in the XYZ neighborhood”, try saying something like, “XYZ neighborhood.  You’ve got some new neighbors”.  Add a photo and link back to an appropriate page on your website.

Like or Comment – The above scenario will get comments, likes and shares from your friends’ friends.  When that happens, send the new contacts a friend request.  Start building a relationship with them.

Check Your Facebook Settings – Settings play an important role in how your profile is or isn’t seen by the public.  Go through your Facebook settings to be sure your profile can be seen by the general public.

Let Them Follow You – Set your personal profile to allow follows.  This allows everyone to see all of your updates without having to accept them as a friend first.

Mix Business and Pleasure – As you add business posts, keep them as personal as possible.  Subtly let your friends know about a business event you’re involved in or an award you just received.  People like doing business with people they feel connected to in a personal way.

Contact Information – When adding a business post to a comment on your profile, include a link back to an appropriate page on your website or blog.  Include your contact information.

Call to Action – As you make a business post, include a CTA that drives them to a freebie or something else of value.  This gives you an added opportunity to add them to your sales funnel, turning Facebook friends into clients.

Images and Videos – Posts that include images and videos get far more interaction than plain text.  Post photos and videos of community events, a house you just listed, getting an award, going fishing.  Start a conversation with images and videos.  Something as simple as updating your profile header and profile picture can get a lot of likes and comments.

It’s Okay to Brag – Sometimes the hardest thing to do is to brag about ourselves.  We don’t want to sound pompous.  When something happens to you professionally that’s a source of pride, let your Facebook community know.  This gives them an opportunity to celebrate with you.


As you see, there is a way to mix your Facebook business pages with your profile.  It takes a little finesse, but the results can be impressive.  To learn more way to generate leads through social media, watch my 3 1/2 minute video.  Great tips!



Do Facebook Business Pages and Facebook Profiles Mix?