Email Marketing – 6 “Do’s” and One Very Important “Don’t” that Could Cost You Money

Email Marketing - 6 Do's and One Very Important Don'tEmail marketing is an important part of doing business.  There are many ways to entice your contacts to open and respond.  There are also ways that will absolutely make people hit the delete or unsubscribe button.


Here’s 6 Things You Should be Doing for Email Marketing Success:


Get Their Attention – We scan through dozens of emails every day.  Oftentimes we scan the list to see which emails are most important or interesting.  Creating a strong headline piques interest and guarantees a better open rate.

Get Personal – Most CRM programs provide the opportunity to add the contact’s name to the salutation and body of the email.  Doing this makes your email seem more personalized instead of mass emailed.  Put your name in the “from” field of your email.

Short is Better – When I skim through my emails, I not only look at who’s sending it, I also look at the length of it.  Too many words will often end up in the delete bin or marked to “read later”.

Formatting Counts – Just like a blog post, add white space, bolding, headings and subheadings to your emails.  Again…people start with scanning the emails to see if it’s something they want to read.  Drawing attention to sections of your email give you a better chance of them reading the entire thing.

Call to Action – This is the most important part of any email.  After you’ve sold the benefits of your product or service, tell them how they can get your offer.  Include a link to your landing page.  Some people are hesitant about clicking links.  So, give them the option of clicking your text link or doing a copy/paste of the direct URL.

Options are Good – Although we don’t like to see someone opt out, we must still give them the option.  Emails that don’t have an opt-out feature stand a good chance of being accused of spamming.  On the positive side…knowing that a contact has opted out saves you time and money.  They more than likely weren’t going to do business with you anyway.  Put your energy into those who value what you have to offer.


Here’s the Very Important “Don’t” 

Never, Ever, Ever – Don’t spam people.  Seems like common sense,  but it can actually get you in trouble.  It’s called the CAN-Spam Act under the Federal Trade Commission.  Be sure to include an opt-out option in all of your emails.

Use these six tips for a successful email marketing campaign.  If you need more tips, read my post called, “Internet Marketing Tips for a Successful Outcome“.  You can also register for my free, “5 Ways to Test Your Client Engagement” email series.  Just sign up below.

Email Marketing – 6 “Do’s” and One Very Important “Don’t”
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