Your Facebook Business Plan –  7 Game Changers for Finding Business Success on Facebook

Your Facebook Business Plan – 7 Game Changers for Finding Business Success on FacebookIn order to have a successful outcome on Facebook, you need a game plan.  What’s your goal?  Looking for new clients? Building a list? Selling a product or service?

Facebook statistics are very impressive*.  

  • 1.71 Billion Active Monthly Users
  • 4.5 Billion “Liked” Daily Posts
  • 1.57 Billion Active Mobile Users
  • Every 60 seconds: 510 comments are posted, 293,000 statuses are updated and 136,000 photos are uploaded

To take advantage of Facebook’s expansive reach, you’ll need to create your business page.  Setting up a Facebook Business page is pretty simple.  I set up a business page before I actually understood the concept and benefit.  Years later, I set up another one.  Ooops.  Now I had 2 pages to keep up.  If you have more than one Facebook business page, you can merge them into one account without losing “likes”.

Here’s 7 Game Changing Tips for Finding Success on Facebook

  • Brand Your Page – Facebook offers an opportunity for you to brand your page to your website.  When possible, make your header look as close as possible to your website.  Add your company and personal logos.  Always use your professional photo in the profile picture area.
  • Create a Welcome Video – There are many ways to create a very short welcome or promotional video.  Upload it and then use the Pin It feature to keep the video at the top of your feed.
  • Promote Your Vanity URL – When you set up your page, you can choose your extension.  Add the link to your email signatures, website, blog and other networks like Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc.  Give people the ability to “like” your page on every digital promotional piece.
  • Facebook Ads – Your reach on Facebook is incredible.  Facebook ads give you a lot of demographic options.  You can reach your target market while staying within a budget you set.  Boosting a popular post will give your page more exposure, too.
  • Post Frequently – Posting helpful and interesting information on your page will garner more “likes”.  When someone “likes” your post, it will then appear on their feed.  Ask questions and get opinions.  Remember the 80/20 rule; 80% social and 20% business promotion.  Focus on posts that will include everyone in the conversation.
  • Don’t be THAT Guy – Unfortunately, we’ve all seen the worst behaviour play out on Facebook.  Always represent yourself in a positive light.  Avoid “hot button” issues. Post comments, photos, videos, etc. that show your knowledge and professionalism without being “salesy”. Be social in a professional way.
  • Thank You Notes – Take an extra moment to recognize people for their comments.  Welcome your new followers.  It seems pretty simple but means a lot.

Create your Facebook game plan and work on it every day.  Consistency is as important as what you post.


*Reference – Zephora Digital Marketing –

Your Facebook Business Plan – 7 Game Changers for Success
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