Pay-Per-Click Advertising – Making it Work for You

Pay-Per-Click Advertising - Making it Work for You

Online marketing. There’s a lot of free marketing opportunities on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, email, your blog, and more. What about pay-per-click advertising?

Is Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Still a Viable Marketing Resource?

Pay-per-click advertising is very much alive and is a great resource for your business. Set your goals and your budget. Then track and test your high-converting ads.

Social media sites have taken a lot of market share away from Google AdWords.

Facebook and Twitter

There are three PPC options on these social sites:

  • Sponsored pages
  • Sponsored posts/tweets
  • Creating an ad from scratch

Sponsored pages will promote your page in order to get more followers. This means even more people will see your content.

Sponsored posts/tweets mean more of your content visible to more people. Your content is pushed to people who don’t necessarily follow you or share your content.

Creating an ad from scratch requires an image related to the content of the ad, a headline, description, and the URL to send them to.

Using all three of these methods at the same time can help grow your following and your business. This is much more cost-effective than Google AdWords. Social sites let you be very specific about your intended audience. For instance, if you want to reach men 45 to 54 who love to garden, set these parameters when you are creating the ad and you will soon get hundreds of followers within that demographic.

Facebook offers a variety of ad formats depending on the goal. When you create a Facebook ad, they will first ask you what your goal is. If you want to grow your email marketing list, for example, they would help you set up a Facebook Lead Ad, so people could sign up right inside Facebook.

The Behemoth – Amazon

Amazon is now selling ads on its site capturing about 3% of the PPC ad market share, with a profit of nearly $3 billion in 2018. Experiencing this level of success in such a short period of time, they are sure to grow and expand.

The Bottom Line

Know your audience and advertise where they will most likely see your ad.

Work with the budget you have. A little research will help you decide which advertising medium fits your budget.

Thinking About Pay-Per-Click Advertising?
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