Why You Should be Doing Facebook Live Events

It is easy to look at advice surrounding social media marketing and feel as though it’s a little stale. You get a lot of the same information regarding hashtags, frequency, and providing value. It tends to all be focused on the same three platforms it always has been: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. However, social media marketing is constantly moving forward and upward. If you want to make a big impact, you need to move with the times and adapt to the changes. That means, in this case, being on live platforms in order to enjoy the unique advantages that they offer.

What You Need to Know About Facebook Live

Streaming live events is very popular. In 2016 Facebook introduced its Facebook Live platform. It is easy to use it to promote your business and share details of the products and services that you offer.

Facebook Live is a very good tool for businesses to use to get the word out about what they offer. Despite this, very few businesses take advantage of it. Although there may be a lot of reasons why this is the case, they really are depriving themselves of an excellent promotional opportunity.

Facebook users really like live events. After your live event is finished, Facebook will publish a recording of it as a post on your Facebook page. This means that you can promote your events video after you have recorded it. You can also follow up with the people who weren’t able to attend and give them the link to watch it at their convenience.

Can Facebook Live Really Benefit Your Business?

Facebook Live can certainly be of benefit to your business. People prefer to watch videos than reading blocks of text, and live videos are a lot more popular than prerecorded ones. Facebook gets millions of video views every day with only YouTube getting more. This makes it a great way to promote your business.

Studies have shown that Facebook Live events have higher engagement levels than prerecorded video. A Facebook user is 3 times more likely to watch a Facebook Live event than a prerecorded video. Users are five times more likely to view a Facebook Live event than they are to respond to a standard image and text-based post.

Access Facebook Live on any Device

If you have a desktop or laptop computer, you can use the Facebook Live platform. You can also use Facebook Live on an iOS-powered mobile device or an Android-powered mobile device. This means that if you have a smartphone or tablet that uses these operating systems, Facebook Live is available to you.

There are Facebook Apps available for both iOS and Android mobile devices. From within these apps, you can use the Facebook Live platform. For the latest versions of these apps, look in the Apple Store or the Google Play Store.

All you need to use Facebook Live on your desktop or laptop is an Internet browser such as Chrome, Firefox, or Opera. It is easy to get started and you can schedule your Facebook Live event to take place up to a week in advance.

Facebook Live is a great way for you to drive more leads and sales for your business. Live video is extremely popular and will remain so for years to come.

Try to include Facebook Live as part of your marketing strategy.

Using Facebook Live – It’s a BIG Deal
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