5 Tips for Maximum Website Traffic

Getting maximum website traffic doesn’t mean you have to completely remake your website. Great content and a winning marketing strategy will only get you so far. A poorly designed website will restrict your success.

Google believes in high-quality website design and function. Their standards ensure its visitors have the best possible experience with their searches. If your website is slow and poorly designed, visitors will leave quickly and Google won’t give you a high ranking.

How do you manage your website so it brings more traffic and ranks higher in the search engine? Here are 5 tips for maximum website traffic:

Compress Images – To lower your website’s load times, compress your images. WordPress websites can use plugins such as Smush and WP Optimize. These plugins will shrink the file sizes of your images which will, in turn, speed up the amount of time it takes for your pages to load.

Remove Unused Plugins – Does your website include plugins that you aren’t currently using? Getting rid of these unused plugins is another way to improve your site’s speed. Unused and plugins that are not updated are a magnet for hackers. Download only the plugins you’ll use and get rid of the rest.

Build Your Brand – Brand your website with your personal or company logo. Use your brand’s colors and font throughout your site. A strong brand helps communicate to your visitors what your website is all about. It also helps Google see that you are a serious business person.

Create Internal Links – Internal links help Google organize your content and improve indexing. Your visitors will stay on your site longer as they smoothly move from one page to another. Internal links have a very positive impact on your SEO.

Lead Your Visitors – Show your visitors what you want them to do next. Visual clues will lead your visitors to the action you want them to take. For example, if you’re working on lead generation, lead your visitors to the “thing of value” that you want them to sign up for.

Using these five tips for maximum website traffic will get you started on the road to more visitors and better search engine ranking.

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5 Tips for Maximum Website Traffic