Long-Term Relationship or Short Term Sales?

How Do you Feel About Your Mailing List? Long-Term Relationship or Short Term Sales?

How Do You Feel About Your Mailing List? – Is it something you use in order to promote your products and services? Or, are you simply laser-focused on sales? If that is the case, you are missing out on the true potential of this powerful tool. Mailing lists have a lot of potential beyond selling.

The Reason for This is Simple – Mailing lists allow you to build a more meaningful and more personal relationship with your readers. This form of marketing allows you to communicate directly with each subscriber, right inside their inbox. Your messages will be seen with messages from friends and family. What’s more important still, is that you’ll be able to actually get responses.

Getting the Most From Your Mailing List – Change the way you approach your list. Use it to open lines of communication with your truest fans. These are the people you already know as well as those who consistently open and read your emails. Include them in contributing ideas and suggestions. Write to them as though they’re friends or business partners. Let them know what’s new and ask for their input. When they respond, write back.

Keep It Clean –  Remove the contacts that never read a single one of your messages or that always bounce. Log into your Autoresponder and delete those users. It will make a big difference.

The Double Opt-In – This means that your new subscribers will need to confirm their email address via your confirmation message. It ensures that the email address is real and that you’re not cluttering up your mailing list with bogus contacts and information.

By understanding and utilizing these simple principles and ideas, your contacts will feel as though you really care about them and they can trust you. This relationship will not end with the sale. They will continue to contact you and refer you to their friends, family, and acquaintances.

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How Do you Feel About Your Mailing List?