Avoid These Email Marketing Mistakes At All Costs

5 Deadly Email Marketing Sins

If you want to build a solid relationship through email marketing, you must be very careful NOT to commit these five deadly email marketing sins.

  • Spamming – Never spam your mailing list. Even though they’ve opted in to your emails, that doesn’t give you the right to send emails and sales pitches on a daily basis. Send emails at strategic intervals.
  • Emailing Them Only When You are Selling Something – No one wants to be on your list if all you ever do is sell, sell, sell! The reason people join your mailing list is that they want something of value for being on your list. If they fail to see your value, they will unsubscribe even faster than you can say, “opt-out”.
  • Rushing your Emails – When you are doing a promotion, one of the biggest mistakes you can make is that you rush your emails to the point that the mistakes are spotted by most of your subscribers. Having too many mistakes in your emails will make you look unprofessional. It is quite embarrassing when you spell a person’s name wrong (the word {first_name} appears instead of the subscriber’s real name) or worse…messing up your links!
  • Not Emailing Your List for a Long Time – This is the opposite of spam. If you don’t keep in touch with your subscribers for a long time, they will tend to forget who you are. That will severely damage the relationship between you and your subscriber.
  • Not Relating to Your Subscribers – When every new product launches, there is a tendency to mail your subscribers at the time while forgetting that the product doesn’t relate to the subscribers at all. You don’t want to sell cat food to people who don’t own a pet! So, segment your mailing list into categories. That way the emails are more targeted to the interests of your contacts.

Now that you know the five deadly email marketing sins, you also know how to avoid them.

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5 Deadly Email Marketing Sins