Unique Ways to Boost Your Blog Visibility

Most people think getting traffic to their blog is all about using social media. Something they may not have considered is how you can get more traffic just by making a few tweaks to your blog.

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  • Install Sharing Icons – Make sure your blog is shareable by installing social icons. WordPress users will find a variety of sharing and social media icons.
  • Include a Memorable Tweet – If you have a WordPress website, find a plugin such as Better Click To Tweet. Your readers will automatically be able to share your content on Twitter, thus driving traffic back to your post.
  • Ask Your Readers to Share – Add “Share” icons to the bottom of your post. Or, as an alternative, simply ask, “If you like this post, please share it on Facebook”.
  • Use Tags and Categories – Tags and categories help people find your content in search engines. They help your readers find more of your content and decrease bounce rates.
  • Add a Search Feature – Readers may come to your blog to read a specific topic. Lead them to other topics by adding a search feature on your blog.
  • Link to Other Authority Sites – Hyperlink appropriate text to specific high-traffic sites. For example, when discussing a topic such as WordPress plugins, hyperlink “WordPress Plugins” to the appropriate page on their site.

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  • Social Media Scheduler – Schedule your posts as soon as you’ve created them with Blog2Social. Auto-post to several social media accounts at once.
  • Add a Pinterest Button – Don’t overlook the value of Pinterest. Your interesting graphics will draw attention to your post. Each graphic will be linked back to your post. Adding a rich pin allows you to add more information about your business.
  • Connect Your Blog to Buffer – Buffer is a social networking scheduler. It allows you to schedule your upcoming blog posts as social media updates.
  • Add Links to Your Social Profiles – Adding links helps readers connect with you on social media. This also encourages them to share your content. Simple Social Icons plugins can help with this.

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  • Create a Media Page – Dedicate one of your website pages to include your bio, headshot, and social media links.
  • Be Available for Interviews – Include your bio at the bottom of each post. Mention that you are available for interviews and other media inquiries.
  • Accept Guest Posts – Accepting posts from niche and industry leaders gives your posts more credibility and exposure.
  • Add Audio and Video to Your Posts – Short videos show reporters and other interviewers that you are comfortable being interviewed. They’ll be able to hear your voice, too.

Use these unique blog-posting tips to boost your blog’s readership and exposure.

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Unique Ways to Boost Your Blog Visibility