How to Use Facebook to Boost Your Online Visibility

3 Super Simple Things You Need to Start Doing Today

Facebook is a powerhouse in the social media realm.  They consistently provide us with opportunities to boost our online visibility.  Posting our status on a regular basis is a start.  Here’s 3 ways we can use Facebook to quickly and easily increase our online presence.

  • Change Your Cover Photo – Are you aware that every time you change your cover photo, an update appears in your timeline?  Why is that important?  The update not only shows up on your timeline, it shows up on your followers timeline, too.  It’s also a fact that the more you show up in someone’s timeline, the more likely it is that they will visit your page.

Facebook Cover for Second Self Virtual Assistance

Try this test.  Change your Facebook cover photo.  See how many people “like” it.  Compare that to your other posts.  Does it get the same, less or more “likes” than your usual updates?

  • Pin It – Do you have an introductory or promo video?  What about your lead capture form?  Use Facebook’s “Pin It” feature to keep it at the top of your timeline.  Every time a new item is posted, it’s placed in the top position of your feed.  By using the “Pin It” feature, it will always stay on top.

How to Use the PinIt Feature on Facebook

Click the drop down arrow for the item you want to remain at the top of your timeline.  Click on the “Pin to Top” text.  When you want to unpin it, do the same thing.  Click on the text, “Unpin from Top”.

  • Images Rule – Text posts are good.  Images and video are great.  Statistically, images and videos are clicked on and shared more than plain text.  Add your own images or use images from other sites.  Keep in mind that when someone likes or shares your image, it now appears in their news feed, giving you more exposure.

Facebook offers so many other great opportunities to boost your online presence.  The three things I mentioned here are super simple and take no time at all.  Start by changing your cover photo on a regular basis.  If you have a promotional video or image, pin it to the top of your timeline.  Regularly add images and videos to your timeline.  You’ll see more engagement and better online exposure for your business.






How to Use Facebook to Boost Your Online Visibility
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