Get Better Website Traffic Using Social Media

Social media is a great tool for increasing traffic to your website.  Time and strategy play an important part in your success.  Putting a plan in place and then consistently working your plan will increase your presence, building a solid foundation of trusting followers.

Those of us who are of a certain age remember the  shampoo commercial in the ’70’s.  The idea behind it was that you would be so happy with their product that you would tell one person, who would tell another person and so on.  You can give a lot of life to your website using social media. Building your social presence will have one person telling another person who will tell someone else. The only thing you need to do is to consistently invest the time.

Here’s Some Important Ways to Increase Website Traffic Using Social Media

Utilize all Facebook Options – Along with sharing posts and pictures on your Facebook page, check often for new options and improvements.  At least once a week, check your page to see what you can do to improve your visibility and drive visitors to your website.  Add your Facebook feed to your Twitter account.

Get Better Website Traffic Using Social Media


Twitter is Your Town Crier – The Twitter feed moves fast.  So, post there often; several times a day is absolutely acceptable.  Posting the same thing more than once a day is also an acceptable practice.  Add your Twitter feed to your website.


Don’t Forget to Pin – Pinterest is a social networking platform based on the exchange of information through images.  Grow your audience by creating boards and adding pins.  Be social by linking and sharing other people’s pins.  This is a great place to post listings, virtual tours and blog post links.  The secret to your success on Pinterest is to use a keyword-rich description and link back to your website, listing or post.

Is Google+ Going Anywhere? – Google+ provides a great potential for reaching a large audience by linking your published content back to your website pages and posts.  There have been longtime rumors that G+ is on its way out.   In September 2016, Google+ had 375 million monthly users with 30% of them using a mobile app to access it.  40% of users are marketing a product or service and 70% of all brands have a presence there.  I don’t think they’re going anywhere right now.  The potential for getting more website traffic growth can be phenomenal.

Utilizing these social media platforms with good content which is optimized and linked back to your website will help increase traffic.  It also builds relationships and trust with your followers.  Give at least one social media platform your full attention and see what happens.

Easily Get More Eyeballs on Your Website Using Social Media