Build Your List With Instagram Followers

Turning Instagram Followers into Clients

In terms of building your contact list, Instagram is an oftentimes overlooked social media network.  Facebook ads are normally the first platform we think of when we want to get more eyes on our website or product.  Instagram is a powerful platform to convert followers into clients.


Building your list with Instagram followers in pretty simple.  You may have already used it in other ways.

Build Your List With Instagram Followers - Turning Instagram Followers into Clients


Go Fishing! All fishermen know that to get the biggest fish, you have to use the right bait.  You need the right pound-test fishing line for the kind of fish you want to catch.  Using the wrong bait won’t even get the fish on the line.  Using the wrong pound-test fishing line will let the fish get away.

Create the right bait.  Think about what kind of information your niche market really wants.  It can be created in many forms; infographic, report, guide, how to’s and tips, video or book.  Ideally, it should be unique and not found elsewhere on the Internet.

Your bait is a reflection of you and your expertise.  It needs to be of high-quality content. Anything less will give the wrong impression, resulting in prospects simply going elsewhere.

Send your prospects to a compelling landing page.  This is the best place to spell out what you are offering and why it’s so important for them to sign up for it.  Include your sign-up form.  Decide whether your offer is available as an immediate download or be emailed to them.

Land that Fish!  Fishing and creating the bait are just the first step; building trust.  Turning your Instagram followers into clients is in the follow-up.  Many of you have CRM programs that include a drip system or a way to create one.  After you capture the new Instagram follower’s email address, add them to an appropriate email campaign.


Building your contact list is as easy on Instagram as any other platform.  The process is easy and the results are profitable.


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