Social Media and Your Website or Blog – A Love Story

Social Media & Your Website or Blog - A Love StoryOnce upon a time there lived a very lonely website.  “I know”, said the Website.  “I’ll add a blog and we’ll live happily ever after”.  And so they did…Until social media came around.

Social media was fun and entertaining.  She had lots of friends.  She always had pictures to look at;  people with smiling faces standing in front of a national monument, the beach or some other dreamy location.  She shared her friends’ posts, too.  It looked like so much fun.

Website and Blog decided they wanted to be part of Social Media’s world.  They put their heads together and came up with a plan.  They decided instead of using Social Media to simply promote themselves, they’d approach Social Media to build traffic to their site.  But, wait!  They already had some traffic coming to see them.  So, why not also direct those people to their Social Media page?  Treat them both as being an equally important marketing opportunity.  Brilliant!


The Marriage of Website and Social Media

By creating a continuous loop, Website, Blog and Social Media fueled each other.  Every time someone visited them, Website and Blog’s guests were given an opportunity to like and share their content on Social Media, too.  This lead more people to Website and Blog and, in turn, took more people to Social Media.  It was a very happy marriage.


How Can You Live Happily Ever After?

Place and link social media buttons to each of your social media profile pages.  When someone visits your site, they be able to click your social media icons and be taken to your profiles.  Include a lead capture form on your profiles where possible.

Add your social media feed to your website.  This gives people a way to see your social media posts directly on your site.  If they like what they see, they’re likely to follow you.

Add share buttons to your posts.  When someone likes what you’ve posted, they can click the share button which gives you a further reach.  The more people exposed to your brand, the more people will visit your website.



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Social Media & Your Website or Blog – A Love Story