Online success, including social media campaigns, hinges on the strength of its content. This content includes writing, images, and video. It’s what visitors to your website and social media pages will see and make a decision about future visits.

What makes great content? How do we make sure our content will compel our visitors to return time and time again?

  • Great Content is Well Written – Great content needs to be easy to read, is entertaining, and comes across as professional. Use proper English, double-check for typos, and make sure your spelling is correct. Grammarly is a free online tool that helps you compose clear, properly spelled, and typo-free content.
  • Today’s visitors don’t want to read copius amounts of text. Focus on clearly getting your message across in as few words as possible.
  • Create Content with a USP – A USP is a “unique selling proposition“. In other words, it needs to be different from other content on the web. If you sell real estate, for example, your audience has hundreds of other sites where they can find the exact same information. Make your content objectively different. Make it stand out in a unique way. Show your audience that you and your style are different than your competitor by covering a subject in a different way. Find a new angle on an old subject.
  • Improve Lives with Your Content – Use your content to improve the lives of your readers. Make them feel they have learned something and are better off for reading your content. Make your content entertaining, informative, and interesting.

To answer the question, “Is content still king?“, I would emphatically have to say, “yes“! Digital marketing creates many avenues for promoting your business. However, making sure your content is well-written, has a unique selling proposition, and improves the lives of your readers, is of utmost importance for your success.

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