How to Embed Text into Images

Last week, Kathy Streib asked me to create a post about embedding text into images. She was referring to my post, “What You Must do to Increase Website Traffic“.  In the post, I stated:

Search engines cannot read images. They only see the HTML used to create it. Add alt text to your images. Adding an appropriate link is also helpful. If your link goes to another website, make sure it opens in a new window.

We’ve all visited websites or blogs where the original photo is missing.  The only thing left is an empty box with an X in its place.  Below are two examples.  Mouse over each one.

Example Wrong is what an image without embedded text looks like. There’s no embedded text.  Search engines only see the HTML.

Example Right is what an image with embedded text looks like. The pop up text is what the search engines read.  The image is also linked to the appropriate page and opens in a new window.

           Example Wrong                                                                                                                                    Example Right

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The question remains…How do I embed text into my graphics?  That depends upon which program you’re using.  Here’s two examples.  One example is from WordPress.  The other example is from Active Rain.

Embedding Text into Images on WordPress

After you upload your image into your media library, you’ll be able to add details.

How to Embed Text into a Graphic using the WordPress Attachment Details feature

Embedding Text into Active Rain Posts

Active Rain’s process for embedding text into your graphics is similar to WordPress.  You place your mouse where you want the graphic to go and click the photo icon.  An Insert/edit image window will pop up.  This is where you can add your images description.  When moused over on your post, that description will pop up.  This is what the search engines will read.

How to Embed Text into an Active Rain Post

Bottom Line

These two examples will give you insight into the process of embedding text into graphics no matter which program you’re using.






How to Embed Text into Images