One Video – Maximum Online Exposure – Video Promotion

One Video - Maximum Online ExposureVideo Promotion Marketing Tips

Video is a very popular way to market your business.  One well optimized video can get maximum online exposure over a number of platforms.  This leads to more opportunities to capture leads.

What kind of videos should you create?

  • Listing Tours
  • Introductions
  • Testimonials
  • Tutorials
  • vBlogs
  • Community Tours
  • YouTube Trailers

Where can you promote your video?

  • Vimeo – This is one of easiest services to use.  There is a free version or you can pay for more options.  Uploading and optimizing your video is super simple.  As with most other accounts, Vimeo gives you an opportunity to add your keyword-rich profile.
  • YouTube – With over a billion users, YouTube is the mother of all video platforms.  Among other things, YouTube is highly optimizable.  You can create a branded channel and optimized personal profile.  Organizing your videos is easy to do by creating playlists.  YouTube provides sharable links as well as HTML for embedding into posts and pages.
  • Tumblr – Tumblr describes itself as easy to use and hard to explain.  You can add your video to Tumblr by posting the HTML code.  You can get this from YouTube after you upload your video there.  You have the usual optimization and profile opportunities as the rest of the social platforms.
  • Facebook – Facebook gives you another opportunity for a vast number of views and shares.  Upload your video to your business page.   Say something about it using hashtags and keywords.  Pin it to the top of your business page and mark it as a featured video under your video tab.  Share with your friends and groups.  Boost your video for as little as $5.  Set your demographics and get extra targeted exposure.
  • Twitter – Adding a video to Twitter is super simple.  In your tweet, add a short keyword-rich description with hashtags and click on the camera icon.  Copy the share URL from YouTube, click on the camera icon and paste the URL.
  • Pinterest – It’s so much fun to create boards and pins on Pinterest that you can easily lose track of time.  There’s a real benefit for your business, too. Videos can be uploaded into your account using the YouTube URL.  If you’ve embedded the non-YouTube video on your website, you can post a photo, description and link back to the page on which it resides.  Again, make sure you optimize your boards and pins and don’t forget the VERY important URL.  If you’re adding a link that has an expiration date (such as listing), you have two options.  You can make it’s removed when sold or expired.  Or, you can use a generic link such as featured listings.  This eliminates broken links.
  • Blog Posts – Vblogs are extremely popular.  Unless you’re doing a tutorial, you should try to keep your videos to under 2 minutes.  You can optimize your posts with a title, meta description, focus keywords and tags.  Many online networks such as LinkedIn and Active Rain provide a great opportunity to add your vblog posts.
  • eNewsletters – Personalizing your eNewsletter is important to being perceived as authentic.  Many CRM programs come with a canned script.  One way you can achieve more interest and subscribers is through video.  MailChimp has a free newsletter option.  Constant Contact has a paid version.  Both are good products.

There are about as many ways to create a video as there are places to post them.  iPhones come equipped with a good quality video option.  Your laptop and PC probably have a free movie maker software.  Create a presentation in PowerPoint and then save it as a video.

Go online to find services like Animoto and Biteable.  Animoto is a paid service.  Biteable has a free option, but you’ll need to pay the nominal annual fee to have their watermarked banner removed.  I used Biteable to create the video below.

There are a ton of opportunities out there for promoting your videos.  Find the ones that work best for you.

What services do you use to create and promote your videos?

One Video – Maximum Online Exposure